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Social media optimization is a term that gets fearful just about a LOT, and with good cause – as a small business owner, you’ve got to be sure that you’re creation the most of every chance! Even when things don’t cost money, they cost time and energy – and you want to spend as little of those as achievable.

what does social media optimization really, well, MEAN? How do you do it? Is it a one-time only thing? Do you have to spend hours a day on it?

Have no panic – we’ve got the answers you’ve been looking for. When you know how social media optimization works, you can start civilizing your own social existence, and go from a few website visits per day to thousands!
What IS social media optimization, exactly?
Social media optimization (SMO) is the method of optimizing your website to make it more “sociable.” In other words, SMO makes it easier for your business to get discovered online by all the right people! (That’s why SMO is sometimes called “search marketing optimization”.)

SMO bridges the gap between your site and your social existence (meaning, your Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn-Instagram-whatever accounts), creation you more visible on the web, and giving your spectators more ways to connect and network with you.

When done right, SMO keeps your brand messaging steady across all networks, improves your site rankings on search, drives traffic from social sites and organic search, and boosts consciousness of you and your brand.
Can social media optimization drive traffic to your website?
extremely! This is one of the major focuses of our free Udemy course, Social Brilliant – how to use your social occurrence to push up your web traffic and turn those fans into clients.

There’s no real “trick” to SMO. Driving traffic to your site means giving your fans on social media gripping reasons to visit your site over and over, like blog posts (this goes back to the whole “quality content” thing under the “How do I do SMO?” tab).

value content and quality engagement mutually are what make the difference between having a monotonous social media presence and a well-optimized one.
It totally can! Optimizing the time you spend on social media is a two-part process that includes both automating your updates and honestly engaging with others in real time. (The two aren’t mutually special!)

Just auto-recycling “evergreen” posts with a tool like Edgar, for example, can save you hours every week. What might you do with some real, live, free time?

By having your SMO running on autopilot whenever you can, and expenses your active time on social media actually interacting with others, you’ll happen to way more capable – and that’s what optimization is all about!

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